Welcome to the Cosmere Conquest!

Looking at my TBR pile in November 2020 I realised two things: One, I needed to buy some more books because damn y’all looked sexy and two, I needed to actually read my entire collection of Brandon Sanderson books.

Credit: Reddit user [deleted]

It can be a very daunting thing looking at any big series and thinking “when can I actually get time to read all of those pages?”

I decided that 2021 was going to be the year that I tackled what is meant to be one of the best book series written in recent times by arguably one of the best fantasy writers of our lifetime and I’ve tackled this solution the only way I know how – with the help of other people.

I’ve set it up so that each month there is one book (except December) to read in an order that I felt was best. This gives the reader at least 28 days to read one book and thus takes the pressure away from those of us who cannot read more than one book a month or maybe those of us that can but are busy with work/family/other hobbies. This makes it fair and enjoyable for everyone involved.

The #CosmereConquest 2021 schedule

There is also a Discord I’ve set up which has 83 members (at the time of writing) all enjoying this year long event. The channel has different areas split up. For example, we read Elantris in January (I had to DNF as I just couldn’t get into it) and so during January there were separate channels that housed 3 chapters at a time. This meant that people could go in and speak about different things happening in those 3 specific chapters without having to worry about seeing spoilers for things they hadn’t read yet. Members can also use | either side of their message to protect others from seeing spoilers.

Cosmere Conquest discord channel in action!

The great thing about this Conquest is that if you’ve read all of Mistborn but maybe not read the Stormlight Archive then you can get involved later this year from August. You can hop in and read the one book with everyone and then leave if you want to. There is no page limit, online read-a-long or anything like that. Some of the members read this month’s book, The Final Empire, in the first week!

If you would like to get involved, you can join the discord here: discord.gg/6NMzpyfZGH. If you’ve never had discord or don’t know what it is, it is a free chat room app that is on PC/Mobile and is normally used for gaming but has evolved to be used for any purpose you like. There are rooms for general book chat and popular authors and the channel has lots of friendly people.

I hope to see you there!

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