An exciting SFF Discord!

There is a something about a community discord channel which bonds the members and helps bring people together. If you’ve never used Discord it is a free to use chatroom that can be downloaded to your mobile device, tablet or home computer/laptop. It links up with your social media (optional) and has some cool features.

Well, late last year I created a discord for our Cosmere Conquest event which would allow us to read one book a month for The Cosmere collection. This was a way for a lot of people to read Brandon Sanderson’s stories.

Since its creation nine months ago, the discord has gone from strength to strength and currently there are over 100 book fans who have joined. As I reflected on this I realised I wanted to it to expand, to get bigger, better. Don’t get me wrong, the Cosmere is a brilliant set of books to read but they are big, specific books and I know that some people haven’t wanted to take part because of the large commitment or because they might have already read the very popular books.

I thought about it for a few days and decided that the Cosmere Conquest discord channel needed to evolve. It needed to be more than a specific set of books. It needed to accessible for everyone if I was going to create an amazing community where people can discuss books of the SFF (Science Fiction & Fantasy) genre. With that being said, there have been some changes which I think will improve the discord for all of us.

Firstly I’ve asked 4 other people to help form a managing group. These are Peter, PaperbackBex, Trin and Fantasy Book Nerd. These people are always a pleasure to talk to and they love their books, regularly interacting with other members of the SFF community on Twitter. They have their own blogs in their Twitter profiles and Trin has a Booktube account so please follow them on Twitter and check out their book related content.

Secondly I’ve tidied up the channel and archived some of the previous books we’ve covered such as Elantris and Mistborn era 1. I’ve also removed some channels where information was duplicated so the discussions are more streamlined. There was just too much going on so I think this will now make discussions more focal, maintaining good discussions and discoveries in the right places.

Thirdly I’ve added functions to discord. The necessary bot that helps run the channel now tells you when you level up, letting you see how you rank among the leaderboards. There are also roles to help people know what you do with books such as Bookstagrammer, Bookblogger, Booktuber, Writer and others. I’ve been told the author specific channels are a favourite of many of the users so these are staying and I’m happy to expand and add more as we go along, just let me know which authors you want to talk about.

Finally, I’ve changed the server to be a discord community server and re-branded the discord to reflect where we want to go going forward and as such, The Oasis is now the name of the discord channel too. I felt it was important to do this because I wanted the discord to become ‘The place on the internet’ to discuss SFF books and it links up easily with this blog with a nod to one of my favourite books.

From October we will be voting on books to read as a community for 2022. This ideally will be four trilogies for the year and I’m hoping to have an even split between male/female authors and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. This will allow members to join in for 3 months and take a break if they need to since three books isn’t as much of a commitment as twelve or more.

I am also in talks with publishers to get ARCS for the discord community! This means we can read an un-released book as a community with the usual spoiler free chapter breakdowns making it a joint experience for a book that no-one would have read yet.

I really hope you’ll join us in The Oasis where you can be whoever you want with like-minded book people. We’re planning big things there and want you to be a part of it. If you haven’t, you can join here or on my Twitter bio here.

All the best from the discord team.

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