How to make audiobooks work for you

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Audiobooks! That sweet ear sex that everyone raves about but you just can’t seem to enjoy? I know how you feel. Until recently I was that envious person sitting at my laptop reading how others were enjoying pure eargasms and then it clicked…

What I’ve got in this article are obvious tips to help you get into audiobooks but just because they’re obvious, doesn’t mean you’ve tried them. I know I hadn’t!

  • Listen to an audiobook when you are not busy – This sounds really obvious but so many times I tried to listen to an audiobook when I was doing something that was occupying my brain. Sudoku, reports at work, computer games that require concentration. I just couldn’t get into them because I was reading words or concentrating on something which meant that I consistently missed out on information from the audiobook. This meant I had to keep jumping back to catch up which took me out of the enjoyment of it. I would say you should listen to an audiobook when you are doing something easy. Driving, washing up or exercising are the perfect times for you to listen to audiobooks because you are not using your mind loads and doing quite repetitive physical movements.
  • Pick your audiobook wisely – Some books will be better to listen to than others. This is something many will overlook. I would personally recommend you check out reviews for books by either the overall book or more specifically the narrator. If you pick a book that has a bad narrator then you won’t enjoy it and if (obviously) you grab an audiobook with bad ratings then you might not enjoy that as much. You need an audiobook to really immerse you so that you’re not distracted by what your eyes can see (at least not enough that you don’t concentrate on the words).
  • Get a subscription – Grab a subscription and you can almost always get a month free to test out your audiobooks. There are multiple vendors out there but I use Audible. The subscription is monthly and you can cancel it at anytime. It gives you a ‘credit’ for a book each month and you can buy more separately. By having a subscription you can pace yourself at one book a month which would take away any self imposed pressure. I’ve found if you go to cancel your audible subscription and click cancel through a couple of pages they will offer you something to stay. This can be half price months, free credits and more!
  • Choose your reading speed wisely – You can listen to these audiobooks on anything from super slow to super fast. It really depends on two things. Firstly how quickly you want to finish the book and secondly how fast you can listen to the book while still understanding the narrator and follow the story. I personally talk very quickly and so I slowly ramped up the speed of the last two audiobooks and now I’m at 1.6x (the highest is 3.0x). This allows me to get through the books quicker while keeping me interested because the narration moves at a speed which I can understand and enjoy without being too slow I’m getting annoyed.
  • Read and listen at the same time – If you’ve got an eBook/physical book, grab the audiobook and you can have an immersive read where you can read with your eyes and your ears at the same time. This can prove to be a very immersive experience allowing you to enjoy the best of both formats. It might even help those of you who (like me) get distracted constantly when reading since you will be covering all your stimuli with the story.
  • Listen in short bursts – The great thing with audio is that the chapters have a time on them so you know how long is left. This changes with your speed listened to also so you can see how much quicker or slower a listening speed will get you to the end of the chapter. If you’ve got twenty minutes spare then load up the audiobook, sit down and relax. The odd ten minutes here and twenty minutes there really add up and before you know it you will be getting through those audiobooks!

I hope that these tips help some of you to enjoy audiobooks as they have helped me recently. I have always found it so hard to get into these and have thus missed out on great narrators and brilliant stories. The crazy thing is that when I was a kid my parents used to put on cassettes with a story on them when I went to bed so I did really listen to audiobooks before they were called audiobooks but somewhere along the line I lost it. I’m really happy now that I’ve found it because I’ve burned through the first two stories in the Urban Fantasy series, Alex Verus. Now I just need to decide what to listen to next!

If you like science fiction and fantasy books then consider joining The Oasis Discord here – it’s free and has a great community, buddy reads, community reads and much more!

I hope you have enjoyed this article! Next week I’ll have one about the benefits of listening to audiobooks!

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