New Group Readalongs on The Oasis Discord!

Hello! It is one week before the end of the month and that means two things: It’s closer to payday and the new category (or categories this month) are up on The Oasis Discord! The Oasis Discord is an online book club for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Dystopian books. There are author categories, a mental wellbeing area, other medias and general area. It is nicely organised, has responsible moderators and currently sits at around 150 people. It’s a very active Discord and new people are very welcome to join us, especially since from October 1st we will be voting on four new trilogies to read next year (2 fantasy, 2 scifi, 2 male authors, 2 female authors) so join now so you can help us shape 2022!

All of the books we read as a community have chapter breakdowns so “Chapters 1-3” and have spoiler warnings with each book having a “General spoiler free area” for you to talk without fear of spoilers. There is no time limit so you can read the book quickly or slowly, however is best for you and your lifestyle/free time. Generally you will have 4-5 weeks to read and even if you don’t finish on time the category will stay up for an extra month to help you.

So firstly let’s talk about Words of Radiance!

Book Cover

This is the second book in the Stormlight Archive and is a very popular one. I thought everyone had read it but I was wrong when I set up the Discord last December 2020 and lots of people joined to read through Elantris, Mistborn era 1+2 and Warbreaker. We’re now back on Stormlight and October’s book is Words of Radiance.

If you have a copy and have been wanting to read it then join us using the link at the bottom of the page.

The second book is Shackled Fates!

Book Cover

Now, Shackled Fates by Thilde Kold Holdt is a special book because I have worked with Hanna at Rebellion to get members of The Oasis community an ARC so that we can read it together as a Discord Community – a first! Lots of people have quickly caught up with the first book in The Hanged God Trilogy, Northern Wrath, and seen how amazing Thilde’s worldbuilding and character creation is. If you have an ARC then please join the community and read this with us ready for the books release on October 26th 2021!

The team at The Oasis Discord would love to see you there to talk all things books so if you’d like to join (it’s completely free!), then click here:

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