Book Voting for 2022 Group Reads!

Welcome to an exciting post about the books we’re going to be reading on The Oasis Discord for 2022!

So for those that didn’t catch it, last November 2020 I decided to create The Oasis discord so that we, as a group, could read through Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere books and this event was called Cosmere Conquest. We planned to read Elantris, Mistborn era 1 and era 2, Stormlight Archive and Warbreaker but not in that order.

The event is currently ongoing, 9 months completed and going strong. The community has flourished and at the time of writing has over 150 awesome people reading and discussing books. We also have our first community ARC (advanced reader copy) with Shacked Fates (#2 in The Hanged God trilogy) by Thilde Kold Holdt and this has kindly been provided to multiple members by Hanna at Rebellion Publishing (aka Solaris).

For 2022 I realised that reading one author all year round, even one who writes as nicely as Sanderson, was daunting, tiring and at times, overwhelming; so I decided to create something new…

For 2022 I have decided that as a community we should be reading multiple authors split over multiple trilogies and so voting has now opened in the discord to help us find out by equal voting, which books we will be reading as a community.

The format in the discord will be the same, chapters broken down into 3s to avoid unnecessary spoilers and a month given to each book so that people can read at their own pace, dipping into the discord to discuss the book when they want to while staying safe that they won’t have anything ruined for them.

The books will be split as 2 fantasy trilogies and 2 sci-fi trilogies with one male and one female author for each. For the next two weeks we will be gathering votes from the community so if you want to join an amazing book community with great members, good moderation, different channels and an organised discord which is completely free to join and use, then you can join The Oasis discord here and you should do, it’s a great place to be. (if you’re new to discord, it’s an online chat room/community, free to download/use and can be downloaded to laptop/pc/phone/tablet)

I hope to see you soon – Benedict.

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