Book Reviews

Book reviews are listed here. They’re in alphabetical order and split under their star ratings that I’ve allocated them which allows you to find similarly rated books at a glance.

Star ratings are understood most easily as follows:

S rank – This is a perfect story, but the special edition
5* – Buy the hardback
4* – Buy the paperback
3* – Buy the eBook
2* – Buy the eBook on a daily deal
1* – I wouldn’t recommend you read this book.


Ready Player One
Spirits of Vengeance
The Hobbit

5 Star Reviews

Crooked Kingdom
Dim Stars
Northern Wrath
One Day All This Will Be Yours
Shackled Fates
The Century Blade
The Maleficent Seven
The Two-Faced Queen
The Well of Ascension

4 Star Reviews

Cursed (audiobook)
Fated (audiobook)
Nophek Gloss
The Martian (audiobook)
The Offset


A Ritual of Bone
Skyward Inn

3 Star Reviews

Monkey Around
Paladin Unbound
Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep
What Abigail Did That Summer

2 Star Reviews

2 Star reviews coming soon

1 Star Reviews

1 Star reviews coming soon

DNF List

The Sword of Kaigen

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