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So you like…Zombies?

Welcome to the second entry in my new series, So you like, where I recommend books based off of something you like. This week I’m diving into a classic – Zombies. Zombies have been in media for many years and books are no exception. What makes zombies interesting? I guess the fact that they are… Read more “So you like…Zombies?”

Dim Stars by Brian P Rubin: Review

This debut story by Brian P Rubin is a wonderful entry into the ever-growing popular genre, space opera. A story that has lovable characters, friendships, a talking octopus, a vengeful cyborg and of course, saving the galaxy. Some information about this book: Release date: October 20th 2020 Published by: Self published Pages: 336 Genre: Sci-fi… Read more “Dim Stars by Brian P Rubin: Review”

So You’ve Played…The Last of Us

Welcome to the tenth and final entry in the ‘So You’ve Played’ series. I’ve really enjoyed creating this series as it’s allowed me to safely tap back into games (without getting addicted to them again) while finding new science fiction and fantasy stories to enjoy. The Last of Us is a fantastic game (that I… Read more “So You’ve Played…The Last of Us”

October SFF Kindle Deals UK

Welcome to the October science fiction and fantasy kindle deals for Amazon.co.uk. In here I’m going to be listing the best deals this month with a direct link so you can get the books you want quickly. There are some great books this month so let’s get into it! The Ghost Brigades (Old Man’s War… Read more “October SFF Kindle Deals UK”

Book Voting for 2022 Group Reads!

Welcome to an exciting post about the books we’re going to be reading on The Oasis Discord for 2022! So for those that didn’t catch it, last November 2020 I decided to create The Oasis discord so that we, as a group, could read through Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere books and this event was called Cosmere… Read more “Book Voting for 2022 Group Reads!”