The Discord

If you like Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy or Dystopian books then maybe you should think about joining The Oasis discord.

If you’ve never used Discord it is a free to use chatroom that can be downloaded to your mobile device, tablet or home computer/laptop. It links up with your social media (optional) and has some cool features.

Inside the discord there are multiple channels for you to discuss books, share book deals & other bookish things.

In the image above you can see a snippet of what goes on in the discord. There are areas that are non-book related too such as general chat, television, music and gaming so you can get a nice break from your book life while still enjoying a fun, safe community. It’s a really fun place to hang out!

There are roles in the server. On the right of the above image you can see that there are roles for many different types of book lover. If you don’t use social media like Instagram or TikTok then you can be listed as a bookreader or writer for example. There are also special private areas so you can ask other booktubers questions or maybe you’re a bookstagrammer after some photography tips.

A birthday hub will see that you won’t ever feel left out on your special day so just drop your birthday in and expect lots of well wishes. If you have your own social media channel(s) you can share all the links in the specific channel to gain new followers and if you have book related content like a video or blog post you can share that in share-your-book-content to gain more views and followers.

There are also read-alongs! For 2021 we decided to read the Cosmere books by Brandon Sanderson. These have been a lot of fun to get through with chapter breakdowns of 3 so there are no spoilers to surprise anyone. I think that 12 months of Sanderson has taken it’s toll on some of us (including me!) and so we have thought of something new for next year…

For 2022, we have four trilogies to read through and voting for these is open for October 2021 – click here to cast your vote! We are going to have two Sci-Fi and two Fantasy trilogies. These will be split equally between male and female authors. Also in 2022 there will be a year long event that will be revealed on December 1st 2022!

So as you can see 2022 will be a fun year at The Oasis – you can join us by clicking the join link here!

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