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The Library is where you can find links to the various articles published on The Oasis. The articles are listed by month and any special features are listed by their content like ‘So You’ve Played’ below. The reviews are listed under Book Reviews and normally get published on a Tuesday. Articles are normally published on a Saturday. Posts are normally scheduled to go live at 10am UK time.

So You’ve Played…:

Mass Effect
The Legend of Zelda
Ninja Gaiden
God of War
Animal Crossing
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
The Last of Us

So You Like…:

East Asian Inspired Fantasy

October 2021:

Get your votes in and join the discord
Book Voting for 2022 Group Reads (discord)
October SFF Kindle Deals UK

September 2021:

5 Benefits of listening to audiobooks
How to make audiobooks work for you
SFF series I’m excited to read
September SFF Kindle Deals UK

August 2021:

Can you separate JK Rowling from Harry Potter?
I like small books and I cannot lie
An exciting SFF discord!
Modern authors are up against dead guys and can’t compete
Why you should ‘DNF’ bad books

July 2021:

Why you should be reading more female authors

Older posts:

Cosmere Conquest
Why book covers rule all